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Protecting the rights of public entities, law enforcement, and businesses

Blakney A. Boggs is a civil litigator with extensive experience aggressively defending law enforcement and public entities. She has successfully defended public employees and municipalities in both state and federal courts through early dispositive motions, including successful summary judgment motions. In addition to civil rights defense work, she also focuses on defending small businesses with various civil litigation issues. As a litigator she understands most of the battle is won early on and not just in the court room. As someone who has first chair trial experience, she is no stranger to a courtroom and will fight steadfastly for her client throughout all phases of litigation.

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Areas of Practice

Business Litigation

Each client’s need is different and unique, which is why it is important to start by evaluating the needs and goals of each individual client.  There are no two matters alike.  This is accomplished through a complimentary evaluation of your matter.  A typical client runs a small business with needs related to employees, manufacturers or vendors, licensing and franchising.

Sometimes business disputes cannot be resolved without litigation.  When it appears that litigation is the only solution, it does not mean that an experienced negotiator or litigator, such as Ms. Boggs, cannot resolve the matter before a trial; it just means that the business needs a skilled lawyer to assist in finding a resolution.  Ms. Boggs is equipped and skilled in handling disputes resolutions regarding complex and diverse matters, by utilizing mediation and arbitration forums; however, when trial becomes a necessary component of resolution, Ms. Boggs is prepared, equipped and ready to aggressively fight for the client whether it be in state court or federal court.

Unlawful Detainer

When a commercial client or residential client finds themselves in an unprecedented situation such as an unlawful detainer for failure to pay rent, and has been served a three-day notice to pay or quit, time becomes essential and of the utmost importance.  These issues, if approached without legal representation and an advocate can spiral out of control.  Ms. Boggs understands the California law on these matters and the deadlines to resolve it in or out of court.  If a person or company is served with an unlawful detainer, Ms. Boggs will act quickly to protect the lessee.

Civil Rights and Public Entity Defense

As the temperature of the public’s perception of government employees rises, more and more is the government employee and its entity a target of civil rights allegations against them.  Those types of civil lawsuits in state and federal courts range from not only civil rights allegations but those of wrongful death, personal injury, premises liability, and property damage.

These civil suits are brought against police officers, sheriffs and social workers, trying to protect society every day.   We have been successful in defending such actions related to allegations of excessive force, warrantless removals of children, fraudulent warrants and juvenile dependency statements, negligence, false imprisonment, and conspiracy to name a few.

Ms. Boggs routinely litigates matters arising out of Welfare and Institutions Code Sections 300 et. seq. and 827, as well as 42 U.S.C. Section 1983 litigation against individual social workers and/or police officers.

Personal Injury

Having started her career in personal injury defense work, hired by the insurance company indemnifying their client, Ms. Boggs has a unique perspective on what types of cases insurance companies will pay out and how much they are willing to pay.  As such, protecting those who find themselves injured from an automobile accident is an area where she has had success.  Generally, her client is someone who has been forced to litigate either against their insurance company on bad faith or desires an experienced litigator to negotiate a better settlement with the opposing insurance company.  

Commercial Lease

Your bottom line is important, which means the best deal you can obtain in leasing space is imperative.  Whether it is office space or warehouse space, it all effects your bottom line.  It is crucial to know whether the lessor or lessee is responsible for which portions of the lease, as well as what the law says about your rights as a tenant.  Ms. Boggs has been successful in negotiating and renegotiating commercial lease spaces.